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December 20, 2011

National Narcotics Officers Association Speaks Out

by nampadmin

The National Narcotics Officers Association provided the following facts about Marijuana:

  • Existing abstinence-based policies have caused a reduction in drug use rates of nearly 50% since the late 1970s. Despite what advocates of legalization and “drug policy reform” constantly argue, this fact does NOT demonstrate drug policy failure. Just the opposite. Reductions of a similar magnitude in other public health threats would be front-page news.
  • Studies clearly show that decreased perception of harm leads to increased drug use. Decriminalization – including through “medical marijuana” policies – clearly leads to decreased perception of harm, increased drug availability, and increased abuse and addiction.
  • Contrary to arguments made by drug policy reformers, increased abuse and addiction is a recipe for increased public cost burdens.
  • No legitimate medical use for marijuana has been demonstrated, and most major health organizations do not condone or recommend medical use because marijuana has clear negative impacts on mental and physical health.
  • Marijuana use can create dose-dependency issues in ways similar to those found in people with major psychotic disorders.
  • According to researchers, marijuana use is a significant risk factor for progression of psychotic symptoms in individuals over long periods of time.
  • According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, drug-induced deaths in America totaled 37,485 in 2009 – more than 100 Americans every day.
  • Drugs directly caused more deaths than motor vehicle accidents or Parkinson’s Disease. Sadly, that number has increased over the last decade, with more than 300,000 Americans lives cut short since 9/11.

Why would any policy maker choose a path that is guaranteed to increased drug availability, abuse, addiction, and overdose deaths?

Read the letter in full: NNOAC Drug Policy Source Book

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