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  1. P. J. Mensing MD
    May 18 2012

    There is no argument about cannabis effecting drivers of motor vehicles, I see this risk with any drug that can effect the nervous system. Your article would be seen as more viable, as well as your organization if only you were to target the real culprit. I do not believe I need to recite the effects of alcohol and driving under the influence. I do not think I need to recite the effects of alcohol consumption in our community; how families are split apart or how people destroy their bodies from it’s physical addiction and toxic nature.
    Cannabis as a prescription drug has no actual LD50 unless it is made in an intentionally highly concentrated dose that would not be any good for clinical use. This is factual basis, and there are not many prescription drugs and over the counter ones as well that can hold up to this fact. Please do look into how many young people try to overdose on OTC drugs that results in irreparable liver damage and ultimately shortened life span as a result from it. As a physician for many decades, I know the effects and ramifications of many substances and fail to see a viable need to combat cannabis in the community with the aspect of how many other substances pose a true threat to the community and can so easily be purchased by anyone.

  2. garyblaine
    Nov 30 2012

    My niece lives in Redding California and is trying to sell her acreage there. The only people who are interested so far are pot growers. She told me about a lady who sold her property and carried the loan on the property. After five years of the seven year loan the tennents left the property and now the 9 acre parcel is not suitable to be built on. The wells are poinsoned by the chemicals they used to grow the pot and the soil is spoiled also. She cannot sell the property and was told it could be decades before it is suitable to be built on. When will the feds and the state deal with this environmental empact on the growing of pot? I think there is a finanial responsiblility the state has on allowing the growing of pot and the feds have a responsibility in enforcing the law.

  3. Eve T
    Sep 21 2017

    I would like to sign up for your research 216.644.3964

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